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Rules and Regulations

  1. Matches to be played between 1st March and 30th September.  Home team to arrange dates.

  2. Each team to consist of 5 players.  Team must play in order of HANDICAP INDEX, but the handicap index must not be entered on Match Result Sheet until the match is  completed.  there is no restriction on handicap. Where more than one lady in the team has the same playing handicap, then the order of thsoe ladies shall be at the discretion of the team captain.

  3. Each team will play 4 matches, 2 home and 2 away, expect where the number of clubs participating in the League necessitates a division with more or fewer than 5 teams.  Following year the matches previously played at home will be played away and vice versa.  Players shall be responsible for their own meals.

  4. Players with choice of participating Club must play for the Home Club.  County membership is not relevant.

  5. Home Team Captain to send detailed results of all matches to the Organiser immediately on completion of each match.

    Teams to receive League Points awarded as follows:

    Team win - 2 points
    Team draw - 1 point
    Team loss - 0 points

    5b.   Countback situations

    Scores of individual games to be recorded in case of countback.  Games may be halved.

    If two clubs are tied for a win or relegation based on points, then the first countback will be based on the totla number of individual games won by each club.  This includes any games deemed to be won under Rule 7(c) and any other conceded games.

    In the unlikely event that there is still a tie at this point, then the result will be decided on the total number of holes up in each individual game won by each club.  Where one or both of the clubs has had a conceded match or game, then this will be calculated as the average number of holes up per game actually played.

    If one fo the teams has incurred a pentaly under Rule 7(d) (playing out of handicap order) and is tied for a win or relegation based on points, then there will be an initial countback fo total number of games won, minus one forfeited game.  Shoud there still be a tie at this point, then for the purposes of looking at individual game scores (holes up) then the result of the first game won in order in which they were played shall be discounted as being the forfeited game under Rule 7(d).

  6. Course Unplayable.

    In the event of a course becoming unplayable all games completed shall stand.  Any games suspended shall be resumed as soon as possible from the place of suspension, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent date.  Any games not started shal be played as soon as possible even though on a subsequent date.  Dates for resumption to be agreed by the individual players with no substitutions.  In the unlikely event that having marked where your ball was lying when play was suspended, and the match cannot be resumed that day, both players shall resume the match from the tee of the hole where play was suspended, and the match shall continue from there.

    In the event of severe weather conditions on the day of a match, but the course remaining open for play, the match should go adhead unless both teams agree to rearrange the match on another date.

  7. Penalties

    (a)     Should any player fail to be on the tee within 45 minutes after the scheduled start of the match, her opponent on the list will score a walkover
    (b)     In the event of a team knowingly being short of its full number of players, a walkover shall be given at the bottom of the team and on no account elsewhere.
    (c)     In the event of a Club being unalbe to raise a team, ths causing a cancelled match, the Club receiving the walkover scores 2 points, and the club cancelling will be
             penalised 1 point.  In counting individual wins the club obtaining the walkover scores 5.
    (d)     In the event of a player playing out of handicap index order, her team will forfeit one game.

  8. At the end of each season, the winner of Division 1 will win the League.  Winners of other Divisions will be promoted and the bottom placed team in each Division will be relegated.  Any clubs wishing to resign from the League MUST notify the Organiser in writing by August 31st of that current year.

  9. Committee

    One member from each County and an Hon.Secretary/Treasurer.  Participating counties as follows:

    - Derbyshire
    - Staffordshire
    - Warwickshire
    - Worcestershire and Herefordshire

    The County Representatives must be a member of a participating Club and not necessarily on the County Committee.  Each County Representative shall hold office for 4 years, in her final (4th) year serving as the League Organiser.  After this time she may opt to serve for a further 4 years but shall revert to pattern as organiser in her subsequent 4th year.  Maximum term of office shall be 8 years.  Maximum term of office for the Hon. Secretary/Treasurer to be 6 years.  Each retiring Representative to find her own replacement.

  10. AGM.  An Annual General Meeting shall be held during November of each year.

  11. Players shall walk at all times - unless they have a Medical Certificate relating to their condition that prevails them from walking.  The Captain of the away team should be notified in advance of the match if a player is intending to use a buggy.  A copy of the medical certificate should be made available on the day.  Please note, its up to the player to organise the hire and any costs relating to the hire of a buggy, subject to buggies being allowed on the course.

  12. The use of Distance Measuring Devices (DMD's) will be permitted in Inter County Competitions.  Players must abide by the R & A rule 14.3 concerning the use DMD's. "A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect her play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.), the player is in breach of rule 14.3 for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used". 

  13. Committee;s decision will be final.